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Documentum Solutions

We are partners of EMC^2 and have a team of qualified Documentum developers, very deep experience and ability to do almost everything with this platform.

.NET developers

We are Silver Partners of Microsoft and have quite a number of very experienced senior .Net developers, who can lead a team of middle developers and add real value to your project.

SAP Consultants

We can gather you a team of SAP consultants, experience guaranteed, CVs available on request. That would be much cheaper than hiring consultant with similar skills in Europe.

QA services and teams

We can act as a QA lab testing your products on a permanent basis. We do: functional testing (component, regression, user acceptance, smoke testing), non-functional testing (cross platform, compatibility, usability, localization, UI testing), performance testing (load, stress testing), security testing. We write unit tests, do both manual and automated testing.

SharePoint Solutions and Teams

We can both offer you some custom solution or give you a team of SharePoint certified specialists, who will do everything required for your system to be a success.

C/С++ developers

Here we have specialists with vast experience of more than 10 years, deep mathematical background, several successful products finished, understanding and passion to this strong language of serious systems..

Embedded Development

We have a separate branch of our company, doing hardware and software parts of devices. We work with GPRS/3G/Ethernet technologies, GPS, GSM, CDMA/EV-DO, WiFi, protocols SSL, Modbus, http, interfaces RS232, RS422, RS485, I2C, I2S, SPI, USB, etc.

PHP teams

We can gather or recommend excellent PHP team for your needs. Knowledge of quality frontend coding, Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, other engines, Magento and other e-commerce platforms, as well as the ability to do complex systems on PHP.

Want to know more about us as a company?

Here is the description:

We are a European software development teams provider and system integrator with development offices in Germany and Ukraine. We have a number of directions in which we operate:

  • Document management systems and solutions.Here we work with big enterprises and SMEs, implementing ECM systems, such as Documentum, SharePoint, Alfresco and others.
  • ODC centers.Creating software development teams on a range of technologies, the most important of which are SharePoint, Documentum, SAP, .NET, PHP, C/C++ and embedded development.
  • QA Lab.Testing our own and our clients’ products.

We are on the market since 1999 and enjoy an excellent reputation since then. We work with European and US clients on a wide range of services. 

What is a remote team?

A remote team (offshoring team, nearshoring team, dedicated team, ODC) is a team of software developers, working for you from Vendor’s premises. Usually such teams are working full time and act as your employees in the meaning that you have the full force to manage them and give them tasks.

What are the advantages of working with remote teams?

Access to top-level specialization and rare skills

You are not so strictly bound by labour laws as in case with internal employee

Quick scalability in case of project peaks

Lower salaries, hence cost saving and higher profit

Want to have one?

Send us a few lines describing the skills you need and the tasks you have and we will send you the costs.

Have doubts? Let’s analyze the risks.

Most common problems, which 95% companies face when organizing remote development
Hard to manage: broken schedules, exceeding budgets, delayed development

Good management is a key to success and main challenge even with onshore teams, let alone the offshore ones. The further team is located, the more difficult it is to spread your influence on them.

The team can lack organization, planning skills, understanding of some parts of the project, knowledge and required skills, courage to say about problems or motivation. This affects schedules, the price and the overall volume of the project. You lose control over it.

No transparency about who is working on the project

At the project start some companies show the person, who has the right skills to win the project and get your signature under the agreement. But once the agreement is signed the works can be given to totally different people. You find yourself devoid of the right to choose people who work on your project and end with finding your project a pilot for a crowd of students.

Developers saying “yes”, doing “no”

Sometimes mentality problems can also be an issue. Traditions to obey, not to contradict, habit to be reserved, unexpected reactions on your tasks – these are the things that can make life much more difficult for you, if you work with people with different mentality. And difference between Asia and Europe is much bigger here, than between 2 different areas of Europe, for example.

Remote location and different timezones

f your vendor is located in a time zone with 5-12 hour difference, you will face certain difficulties in communication with him, you will not be able to resolve quick questions and work as one team throughout the day. You will need to support mainly written communication and in some urgent cases you will still need to wait another 5-12 hours to have the issue resolved. Remote location also results in more effort, money and time required to make visits. Poor communication creates management and efficiency problems.

Legislation issues

It is hard to take into account all the risks and fully protect yourself on the stage of agreement discussion. And it is almost impossible to sue the foreign company with totally different laws.

Hard to communicate with your team

You can’t run daily face-to-face meetings, see your employees in your company’s lobby, see how they feel and ask questions in some informal atmosphere, thus gathering the information about the psychological state of your team, their problems with understanding the tasks and knowledge gaps. Hence, you are no able to show timely reaction on these issues.

5 reasons to choose us

Project Management rules

We always assign PM to work with you, plan tasks, supervise execution, control the volume of works and help you out throughout the development. We know project management is the most critical point, and we put special focus on most effective project organization.

Communication is the king of development

We know how important it is to motivate, inspire, set goals and establish the right communication channel between you and your team. So we not only tell you who is working on the project but also welcome all types of communication: e-mails, Skype chats and video calls, meeting teams at your and our premises.

Your budget is a non-crossing line
for us

We do not only partial development, but also full-cycle projects, so we understand business objectives, develop and stick to our plans and discuss with you every work volume increase. We are able to stick to our estimations and take responsibility for them.

We are close in all aspects

We are located almost in the neighbourhood, with only 1-3-hour flight from your development offices to ours. So, visits are easy, time difference is small and cultural differences are minimal. We will never say “yes”, if we mean “no”. We will argue with you, think with you and work out the best solution with you. Ukrainians are famous for their creativity and ability to think out of the box. So use it.

We are European company

We are also Europeans, as we are a Germany company with Ukrainian development offices, which means you conclude agreements within EU zone and so same laws are applied to you and us. It protects your IP, other rights and ensures you have everything under control.

Want to hear what others are saying about us?

Here are some quotes from our clients:
Jelle de Haan, CEO Enigmatry
«Intercomputer did an excellent job in helping us with a complex SharePoint migration from 2007 to 2010. It required in-depth technical knowledge to fix several custom webparts that no longer worked in 2010. The flexibility and overall quality was well appreciated» .
Alexandr Kapitanovskyy,
Managing partner
LogIt Management Consulting
«Since more than one year, we have been working together with Intercomputer in order to develop several software products. Because of high-qualified employees, the cooperation has always been excellent. Due to brilliant quality Intercomupter delivered, we could count on their best efforts and solutions. Gladly, we would continue working with Intercomputer and recommend it as high-qualified and reliably partner» .
Ben Empson, CEO Array[x]
«We have worked with Intercomputer for some time now, we outsource our QA department to them. The staff they have provided us to work with are first class quality professionals, we have no problem at all leaving this critical function to an external agency since we have every confidence in Intercomputer delivering to us the service we need, at the high standards we require. We would not hesitate in recommending them to anybody else in a similar situation» .


You send us description of your tasks and what skills your team should possess. We have a conversation via e-mail or phone, in which we ask additional questions and discuss best variants of work organization for your project. Then we send you CVs of suggested team members, prices and other relevant information. You study the CVs and approve your team members. You can also speak to them before approving. We do some pilot project to test the cooperation and evaluate the results in the end. If we are past all 5 steps successfully, we continue working together on a longer-term basis, either on permanent basis or per request.

Our clients

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